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At DYNE, we offer a variety of innovative IT solutions suitable for various industries, and for companies of all sizes. We believe in long-term partnerships, and our services are therefore designed around the specific needs of our clients. We work hard with full ownership and accountability to deliver our client needs efficiently - so our clients can sleep at night, knowing that their IT operations are taken care of in the most professional manner.

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Our total ownership managed IT services, tailored to suit client specific needs and managed with single point of contact with affordable pricing model designed to individual client budgetary constraints. 


At DYNE ITS we have onsite and offshore teams to support customer at 24/7 to meet specific delivery needs. Our team has decades of experience providing services to businesses across Ireland , EU, Asia Pacific and USA with cost-effective managed IT services tailored to each customer's needs.

We provide nationwide support from our two Dublin offices, so speak to our team today.

With number of years of experience and successful deliveries,

we offer managed IT services in the areas below and not limited to:

  1. Web design, development and eCommerce Solutions

  2. SAP Implementation Support and Solutions

  3. IT Application Maintenance, Production Support and Enhancement

  4. Data Analysis and Reporting solutions

  5. Migration from Legacy systems to Web applications

  6. IT Systems Testing and Automation Solutions

  7. Requirements analysis and Business process engineering 

  8. HR Support and Solution 

  9. Project Management and Program Delivery 

  10. Accountancy Solutions

  11. AWS Services & Migration from Microsoft Azure to AWS

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