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Testing and QA Services 

DYNE can take up any Software testing project of any scale and

complexity, introduce an efficient quality assurance process, and

enhance your software quality management strategy.

We provide test services to test functional and non-functional software

features to make sure it complies with the requirements specification

and ensure validated software is implemented into production.

This offers a great value to business stakeholders, value addition

to operations, provides outstanding operational and customer

user experience.

Woman sight testing

We test every aspect of requirement and validate using test automation tools/manual methods covering various types of testing to be precise :

  1. Functional Testing

  2. Performance Testing

  3. Usability Testing

  4. Exploratory Testing

  5. Comparability Testing

  6. Security Testing 

  7. Non Functional Testing 

  8. Load Testing
  9. Stress Testing

  10. Scalability Testing 

  11. Stability Testing 

  12. UAT Testing 

  13. Pre Implementation Testing

Our test automation service offers

  • Test automation strategy development.

  • Test environment setup and configuration.

  • Automated test data generation.

  • Automated UI testing.

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